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On occasion, computers such as laptops and desktops do not run at their designed speeds. This unnecessary behaviour may be due to unwanted elements on the system, which need to be removed. We are experts in this matter and we will ensure a return of system performance to its maximal capability.

A corrupted operating system, an abundance of redundant files, cookies from surfing the internet and inefficient maintenance – these are just a few of the reasons your computers could be feeling a little sluggish.

Our engineers will back up all of your important data and configurations, wipe the hard drive, restoring the computer to near-purchase-day efficiency. They will then reload the operating system, applications and data. This will be followed by providing support for any teething problems you may experience.

Reformatting makes financial sense. It prolongs the life of your assets, improves their efficiency, and provides your workforce with hardware adjusted to its optimum levels.

To speak with us about the benefits of reformatting in maximising the value of your existing IT assets, call us on 08 7127 0155, email us or click here for a call back.