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Office Relocation

All your physical systems and data must be moved, reinstalled and tested, with as little downtime as possible to minimise the impact on your business.

  • Infrastructure analysis: We will review your new office and make recommendations for additional or updated cabling, points and other infrastructure changes that will ensure a stress-free move that supports your technologies and/or telephony systems.
  • Network analysis: Office moves are often a good excuse for updating your technologies. Our consultants can assess your business needs and recommend, procure, install and maintain any new hardware or software they (and you) feel would be appropriate.
  • Transfer and Installation: We take as much time and care as is needed when dismantling and reassembling your network. We will always test your systems, as well, to make sure that there are no unwelcome surprises waiting for you on your first day.
  • Office relocation project management: We can plan and manage both our responsibilities and those of third parties, such as telecommunications, internet providers and software suppliers. Professional office relocation project management makes sure that everything is ready when you need it to be.

For a trouble-free, technologically seamless move, speak to one of our relocation consultants on 0870 794 9025, email us or click here for a call back.