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Disaster Recovery

When the unthinkable happens, you will need to know that your critical business data is safe! System-wide viral outbreaks do occur, office fires happen, and hardware does fail on occasion.

Technique IT provides a peace-of-mind solution in two parts:

  • Prevention: The assessment of threats and system weaknesses, updates to existing security measures and the implementation of new ones, and the ongoing maintenance of your network protection to minimise the possibility or extent of a disaster.
  • Cure: An assurance that, even if the worst happens, all is not lost.

When you discover that your company is in need of disaster recovery, there are two things above all else that will be important to you. These are the speed and the effectiveness of response you get from your disaster recovery team.

Speed of Response
As soon as we get the call, disaster recovery takes priority over any other work. You need to be up and running again as rapidly as possible and to quickly understand the extent of the problem. We will be dispatched immediately to contain the situation and ensure a swift resolution to minimise any downtime.

We use some of the industry’s most advanced recovery tools and we are confident that, no matter how minor or severe your system issues are, we will have you up and running again in no time.

Disaster Minimisation
Along with the preventative measures mentioned above effective backup of your data will minimise the effects of any disaster.


Do not leave your disaster recovery cover until it is too late. Contact our recovery specialists on 08 7127 0155, email us or click here for a call back